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We find new buyers, increase your brand's audience and build customer loyalty.

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Sell where people buy

We put your products in front of active buyers on Instagram and Facebook.


Get new buyers

We identify the right audience for each product and create ads tailored to those buyers. Simply choose your product and we'll take care of the rest.

Facebook Ads para Ecommerce
Instagram Ads para Ecommerce

Showcase your brand and products

Increase your product exposure

We get more exposure for your products and go straight to your potential buyers on Instagram and Facebook.

Showcase your brand and products

Increase your product exposure

We get more exposure for your products and go straight to your potential buyers on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram Ads para Ecommerce


Turn followers into customers

We share your products directly with your followers and increase your customer relationships.

Instagram Ads para Ecommerce

This is how we work with you

We work side by side with you to bring your product directly to your ideal customer.

We define the game plan

We plan objectives and budget

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Once you contact us, we will schedule a call with you to learn about your brand and all the details of your business.

We create campaign

We get to work

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We begin to create your ads optimized to sell and generate income.

We monitor performance

We continuously adjust and optimize

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So that you can see, analyze and track the status and evolution of your advertising campaigns yourself, we will give you read access to the Google Ads panel.

We report results

Detailed information of the results

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In addition to having direct contact with us whenever you need it, we will periodically send you a detailed report of the results of your campaign.

Answers to your questions

We are here to solve all your doubts

How does ADS Facebook work?

The first step is to set up the advertising campaign and create the ads to be promoted. The ad will enter a virtual auction competing with other ads that have chosen more or less the same criteria. For this reason, a relatively competitive bid has to be made. In case there is not much, the amount of money does not have to be very high.

The ads can be made of text but also with graphics or videos and will be displayed in three ways: in the news section, in the right column on computers and in the news section on mobiles. When the campaign is published, it is advisable to optimize it every day for better performance and higher profits. 

Why should I advertise on Facebook?

Segmentation of the public. Thanks to all the data that Facebook has on users, it is very easy to segment the ad you want to create. It doesn't matter the target, in the social network you will find it and you will be able to address exclusively to them.

Viralization. Even if you pay for the click on each ad, users can save a lot of money if they share the publication among their contacts. In other words, the scope of Facebook Ads is not limited to payment, but has greater impact on the behavior of your potential customers.

Interact. In addition to promoting your products, you can also launch interactive publications that allow you to gather important data about your audience.

Price. Advertising on Facebook is cheap. You only pay for each click and/or conversion received.

Measurement. Almost everyone who invests money in advertising wants to understand how it is spent and measure its effectiveness. Facebook advertising allows you to know all the statistics of each ad. 

What should my budget be for ADS?

This is probably the question we get asked the most and the simplest answer is "whatever you want to invest". You are the person who knows best how much a sale costs you and/or the margins you have to invest in an ADS campaign, we are here to help you make the decision that best suits your objectives. The vast majority of businesses do not sell directly but first generate a contact from your potential customer, therefore it is required to calculate the Cost per Lead.

What our partner say

Discover the success stories.

"We managed to work with KentoWeb and I have been totally satisfied with their service and advice. Very serious, responsible, correct and at the same time they are a work team that provides solutions to any situation, always pursuing the common goal of promoting and boosting the brand, so we, Centro Medico Diagnostico Fe C.A. have decided to keep the link with KentoWeb and continue with their accompaniment as advisors and/or partners in digital marketing for our company".

David C√°rdenas

CEO, Centro Médico Diagnóctico Fé

"Creating a video podcast from our personalities was a challenge and thanks to your team we have achieved it, for @mejorsontres empathy and professional recognition go hand in hand, and we have done it. Their creative level is gigantic and their capacity to adapt is truly amazing. Thank you for your support in this journey that is just beginning with the best @kentoweb".

Jes√ļs Vicente

Co-Founder, Mejor Son Tres

‚ÄúThey have an extraordinary capacity to see the global panorama of your business and help you in each of the areas of marketing, web page and social networks where you can improve and the best thing is that they make you see and understand it from a place of constructive criticism where it can only be an improvement. Thank you Victor and Maria Belen for your help!‚ÄĚ

Raffaella Ruocco

CEO, Casa Artesa

"We are very grateful for all the advice we have received from KentoWeb towards our brand, they helped us to improve our RRSS a lot and gave us many tips to implement on our website. We are already seeing the results of all the work we have done with them, and thank you very much to Mabe and Victor for their patience and attention to answer all our questions!

Victoria Jansen

CEO, Diva Station

"Great job, they helped me make my brand's website so I could have a presence in the digital world. It required showing the works I have done and the services I offer since I am an audiovisual creator and photographer".

Manuel Rincón

Filmmaker, Manuel Rincón Films

‚ÄúEstoy muy contento con el trabajo realizado por Mabe y V√≠ctor. Desde el inicio de mi proyecto han estado aconsej√°ndome con en la presencia digital de mi negocio y nos ha ido muy bien, digo ¬ęnos ha ido¬Ľ porque realmente KentoWeb forma parte del equipo de Marketing Digital de Cebiomagnetico y hemos crecido mucho juntos. Muchas gracias por los buenos consejos y siempre estar presentes.‚ÄĚ

Vladimir Montoya

CEO, Cebiomagnetico

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